ELITE is aimed at the executive level in a company, i.e. the CEO or CFO. As every company’s needs are different, we will discuss and agree on the relevant individual with each applicant.
A company will be awarded an ELITE certificate after completing the ‘Coaching’ stage of the programme. There is no formal academic accreditation as ELITE is not an executive education programme.
There is no upper size limit for ELITE applicants. The programme is aimed at companies looking to grow, implement change and access financing opportunities. Existing companies on the programme have raised external capital before joining the programme.
€28,000 for the 18 months period. No fees after receiving the ELITE certificate
Companies join the alumni network and continue to access to regular events, networking and fund raising opportunities.
The programme includes physical and digital training throughout the 18 months period. Companies are required to attend training and relevant company staff are required to complete varied different e-learning tasks. The company is requested to send just one manager to each module, based on the relevance of the topic for the selected manager. Participation is at the company’s discretion, according to need on a case by case basis.
ELITE enables companies to benefit from LSEG’s small and mid-cap experience and existing relationships with the advisory and investor community. Our experience as an operator of capital markets combined with support from the business and investor community will help deliver a comprehensive service for private businesses – helping to create a vibrant ecosystem over the longer term. ELITE has a capital neutral approach, companies will have the chance to evaluate any fund raising opportunity leveraging on the ELITE community expertise, including the listing on LSEG markets or other exchanges.